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Bollett Compressor
Atlas Bolletter--focus on air compressor development

Bollett Consulting Hotline: 400-823-6800

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Bollett: Another "Giant" on the shoulders of giants A wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco Top 500 air compressor brand

性能优越,节能环保 01
Superior performance, energy saving and environmental protection

Atlas Copco host, compression efficiency increased by about 10%

无线监控,智能保护 03
Wireless monitoring, intelligent protection

Intelligent wireless communication, remote real-time monitoring, convenient and fast

02 高性价比,能耗更低
Cost-effective, lower energy consumption

Variable frequency drive, precise vector dynamic control, saving at least about 30% of energy consumption

04 稳定可靠,经久耐用
Stable and reliable, durable

Super soft start, reduce impact and extend life;

Product Product

立即咨询 Bollett Consulting Hotline: 400-823-6800

Committed to becoming a global air compressor industry contributor to provide customers with one-stop energy-saving solutions for air compressors

R & D production system, good quality and good quality

Specially invited German production line experts to improve Bolletter's production system;

Inheriting the Group's advanced production management model, 122 development processes ~ 33 test items, about 2000 hours of durability test air compressor performance is better, advanced research and development and management system each new product is developed in conjunction with the Chinese market.

Multi-system certification, international quality assurance

Lloyd's of England certification: ISO9001 quality system certification
OHSAS 18001 health system certification
ISO14001 environmental system certification

EU CE certification: strict production specifications, export products have obtained EU CE certification

General Machinery Energy-Saving Certification: Buying a Blacklight Compressor Using Energy-Saving Certification
Deductible corporate income tax

Focusing on energy-saving solutions for air compressors for more than 18 years, Energy-saving solutions, the average energy saving more than 30%

According to the requirements of different industries on gas sources, configure accessories to ensure better results

Adopt high-efficiency energy-saving host, motor, reasonable structural layout, professional optimization design

Air compressor technical consultants provide you with energy-saving solutions, saving you 30% of energy throughout the year

Compressed air quality is high, green, environmental protection and low pollution, helping enterprises to develop continuously for a long time

One-stop service, professional construction makes you more at ease One-stop service, so you more peace of mind

Provide a full range of professional services from the planning, selection, installation, operation, and maintenance of the air compressor machine room. Plan and guide the machine room to formulate the system plan. Provide the overall product configuration, installation, and technical guidance required for the system.

Powerful after-sales service support • Protect your production R & D production system, good quality and good quality Whether in the warranty period or outside the warranty period, Bolletter maintenance uses original accessories to supply

Repair service: WeChat, 400 telephone repair, rushed to the scene within 2-4 hours

Corresponding system: Accept the demand within 5 minutes, specify the enterprise emergency plan

Technical support: Provide regular replacement parts, overhaul of mainframe and motor, and maintenance program

Maintenance system: formulate annual insurance plan, free inspection for life

Return visit system: regular return visits to ensure worry-free air compressor operation

Bollett professional training staff free on-site guidance · Improve after-sales service 200 service outlets throughout the country, to provide you with professional and fast unit maintenance and repair services


免费指导安装 Free installation instruction, on-site commissioning of the machine and training; monthly routine inspections to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

24小时全天服务 24 hours a day service, 2 hours rush to the scene to escort the production of enterprises.

售后服务网点覆盖全国200多个城市 After-sales service outlets covering more than 200 cities across the country

原厂备件,空压机大修,预防性保养,节能改造,定期巡检 Original spare parts, air compressor overhaul, preventive maintenance, energy-saving retrofit, regular inspections

-Customer case - Customer case

立即咨询 Bollett Consulting Hotline: 400-823-6800


Shanghai Onengyou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Onengyou Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is an enterprise engaged in the design, production and sales of professional screw air compressors. In 2006, as a popular brand in the field of air compressors, the Swedish Atlas Copco Group, in order to better meet the needs of Chinese customers, wholly acquired and established Bolletter (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd. The Bolletter air compressor is not only advanced in technology, but also in performance configuration. Taking into account the Chinese users, the Bolletter air compressor is not only in advanced technology, but also in performance configuration ...


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